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TS-G800GM Real-Time Style
TS-G700G Guard Tour

iButton Guard Tour System

TS-G100 Guard Tour
TS-G200 Guard Tour
TS-G300 Guard Tour
TS-G400 Guard Tour
RFID Guard Tour System
TS-G500 Guard Tour
TS-G600 Guard Tour
TS-G600B Guard Tour
TS-G700 Guard Tour
TS-G700G Guard Tour
TS-G900 Guard Tour

Real-Time Guard Tour System

TS-G800GM Real-Time
TS-G800GS Real-Time

Touch Memory Button

TS-1990A-F5 Touch Button
TS-1990A-F12 Button Memory

RFID Card & Tag

TS-LCEM Series Checkpoints


Event Wallet
USB Cable
Battery Charger

About TopSecu

TopSecu Technology Limited is authorized & approveld by Industry and commerce administration bureau of the People's republic of china, in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province near to Hong Kong, has become the pioneer in ranking of China guard patrol system manufacturers since shooting its successful trajectory in 1994. TopSecu spare no effort to spread its marketing network by providing clients high quality products & responsible services, and has thousands of distributors in China so far.
Through these years' persistantly ennovation and development, TopSecu has become the leading manufacturer of guard tour patrol systems, including iButton guard tour patrol systems, RFID guard tour patrol systems, Real time guard tour system and GPS guard patrol systems.
All of our products have successfully been applied in most fields and industries in China. These fields include building,public facility,police station, railway, military base, post mailbox management, telecom cable checking, mobile tower examination, grain depot patrol, oil field guard patrol, electric power checking, public traffic management, agriculture, hospital patrol tour, highway patrol, factory safety management, intelligent buildings patrol, residential areas safety and so on.
Now TopSecu begin to pay attention to international market, and hope we can have the chance of cooperation, to enlarge market share together!
Anyway, TopSecu wouldn't achieve all of these without our sincere clients & partners' support and help, Of course including you. Thank you for visiting TopSecu official website.

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