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What is wireless guard tour system

Security guard patrols are very important and necessary
In fields where security patrols are an important part of the operations such as mining, industrial manufacturing, telecommunications, and security services for residential housing. The personnel assigned to this must task complete their duties on time and at the correct locations.

Traditional patrol management
Traditional patrol management methods rely on the self-monitoring of patrol personnel, meaning that it often becomes very difficult to verify job performance precisely, making it possible for management to only perform approximate work-quality evaluations.

Wireless guard tour system
TopSecu guard tour product is a system designed to provide an efficient and effective management of your security guards patrolling activities. TopSecu provides 100% accountability that a guard is carrying out their patrolling duties correctly

With a simple non-contact swipe, TopSecu guard tour reader records the time/date/location that the guard visited each area on the site. Incidents witnessed can also be entered on route. The patrol reader is then downloaded whenever a report is needed (Every day/week/month etc) and reports can be generated on the guards patrolling activities.

a. Commercial, durable products with high quality and advanced technology
b. Easy operating
c. Low battery consumption, long life span
d. Intelligent guard tour system; make guard tour job more efficient and accurate
e. Ideal for applications in many areas

Comparisons Between TopSecu Wireless Guard Tour Systems and Traditional Guard Tour Management

  TopSecu Intellectulized Guard Tour Products Traditional Guard Tour
Method of Recording Guard Patrol Use a super durable reader to read signal cards which are installed in the desingated stations, then all the exact patrol records, including gurad name, station name, time, and event will be stored in the reader, and then download these records to software to have a patrol analysis and management. Sign his name and arrive time on a recording book by himself when arriving a station.
Recording Tools Used during Guard Patrol Reader, gurad ID card, signal cards Pen, recording book
Guard Patrol Analysis Tools Management software , which is intellectulized but easy operation None
Perfomance Very intellectulized and scientific way that records can not be modified. Records can be random modified, and it relys on the self-monitoring of patrol personnel
Effect Precise, accurate, very difficult to verify job performance precisely

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